Password Crypt Professional 2004

Password Crypt Professional 2004

Helps you keep your passwords and other sensitive information secure
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Skycomp Systems

Password Crypt Professional 2004 is a password manager the aim of which is to help you keep your passwords and other critical information - such as your credit card and social security numbers - secure and encrypted, so that nobody else can access them. It achieves that by encrypting files that you can create from the program itself, to which it also assigns a user name and password.

The program's main interface is quite simple - maybe too much - and here is where you can create your secure files. To do so, you will be required to provide a user name and a password for each of them. As soon as you create a new file, a new window is displayed to help you manage the contents of your file. By default, there you will find a series of empty folders labeled as Internet sites, ATM Pins, Credit Card pins, E-mail Accounts, Brokerage Firms, Network logins, Software Keys, Other, and Personal Information. Inside every one, you can add new items easily, for which you must provide information related to the selected category. For instance, for the "E-mail Accounts" category, you will be asked to key in the server's name, the user name, a password, an URL, and (optionally) some free notes. Likewise, in the "Personal Information" category, you can add information about you, your spouse, and children, including their Social Security Number, their Driver's License, and an Anniversary date for each.

Besides that, when adding information in any of the categories mentioned above, you can make use of its built-in password generator, which allows you to obtain a password with the desired length and level of complexity. This password will be placed automatically in the "Password" field of the record you are creating. When you finally close the file and try to open it again, you will be asked to type the user name and password you provided when creating it.

Definitely, this simple program is easy to use, and it certainly allows you to store all your sensitive information and that of your family in a safe environment, keeping it secure and encrypted. Unfortunately, there is a very strange issue about this program. Even though it offers a 14-day "trial" version, and the program's price is fairly reasonable, it is impossible to buy a version with no time limitations at the moment. When you try to buy it, the website, which is supposed to distribute it, tells you that this program cannot be found. Therefore, as long as they do not fix this, you will only be able to use it for 14 days.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Simple and light interface
  • Reasonable price
  • Allows you to set a user name and password for each file you create
  • Provides a set of categorized folders that helps you keep your information organized
  • Includes a customizable password generator


  • Not free
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